FIAAC in Pouilly Fumé, the main event for art and wine lovers !

The 5th edition of the FIAAC (international exhibition of modern art in the Pouilly Fumé vineyard), will take place from April 28th till May 1st.

Every year, the « FIAAC » welcomes more than 2 500 visitors and professionals on 3 000 m² of exhibition. This 4-days main event is now a real “rendez-vous” in the Central-Loire vineyards. Winemakers of Pouilly Fumé and artists join to make a perfect association between modern art and wine. In the domains, painters could explain their work in a warm and friendly atmosphere. You could drink a glass of Pouilly Fumé, admiring the last painting of a contemporary artist. One of the best ways to experience the Central-Loire Valley ! 

The FIAAC will be also the opportunity to give three awards: 

- “Le Grand Prix FIAAC en Pouilly Fumé” which honors an artist for all his works on display.
- “Le Prix Zeuxis” which awards the most original exhibition, result of a deep mutual understanding among the painter and the winemaker.
- “Le Prix Dionysos”, given to a wine by the artists. 

For the first time, the “FIAAC” will invite two artists from Croatia “special guest” of the year. 

Pouilly Fumé will really be under the spotlight this year! The appellation will also celebrate the 80 years of AOC in July 14th and 15th. 

Program and practical information on the website.